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Professor studies impact of climate change in Iowa following devastating floods

| Judy Berthiaume

James Boulter

Dr. James Boulter

A UW-Eau Claire faculty member’s analysis of the impact climate change is having in Iowa is being shared widely in Iowa and beyond.

Dr. James Boulter, a professor of chemistry in the Watershed Institute for Collaborative Environmental Studies at UW-Eau Claire, completed a policy brief for the Environmental Defense Fund, in collaboration with the Iowa Policy Project.

The brief analyzes the best, most recent science related to climate change and its impact on Iowa following devastating spring floods in that state.

Boulter’s report focuses on increasing temperatures, increasing precipitation and the growing threat of devastating floods becoming the new normal.

The report also focuses on public policy solutions that could potentially lessen the impact of climate change.

While Boulter’s analysis focuses on Iowa, many of its findings are relevant to Wisconsin and other Midwest states, he says.

In recent weeks, Boulter’s policy brief has been reported on by multiple media organizations and has spurred several editorials.

Examples of news coverage and editorials include:

For more information about his climate change research, contact Dr. James Boulter at 715-836-4175 or