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Physics scholarships awarded

Scholarships were recently awarded at the Department of Physics & Astronomy banquet. The following list includes this year's recipients as well as the last couple years. Congratulations to all the students for their hard work and dedication to their studies and future pursuits in physics.


Roxanne Accola Memorial Scholarship -

2015-16 Recipient: Claire Arneson

This scholarship will be awarded to a freshman, sophomore, or junior student to help them grow into a leader and give back to the university community.

The highest priority will be given to students involved in STEM with a preference for those in physics or the physical sciences, who has shown a social consciousness supporting equity and inclusivity in science. Additionally, the successful candidate will be a high achieving student with a minimum GPA of 3.2. Recipient must show leadership potential supporting diversity activities, demonstrate compassion for others and exhibit a love for learning

Richard Mcgregor Graduate Study Memorial Scholarship

2015-16 Recipient: Austin Riedl
2014-15 Recipient: Blake Smith
2013-14 Recipient: Thomas Nevins

Given to an outstanding student in the department of physics and astronomy who is planning on attending graduate school within twelve months of receiving the award. The recipient must have been involved in undergraduate research activities and demonstrate a passion for continued study. The award may be used to cover applications to graduate school, purchase books or assist with transitionary expenses between graduation from UW-Eau Claire and entrance in graduate school.

It is understood that because of the nature of the award, it will be given to a student after he/she graduates from UW-Eau Claire through a check from the Foundation. The Foundation will provide necessary documentation for IRS purposes since this would be taxable to the recipient


W. Parker Clark Scholarship - $500 

2015-16 Recipient: Michael McDonnell

2014-15 Recipient: Steven Fuhrman
2013-14 Recipient: Blake Smith


Awarded to an outstanding physics major based on academic excellence and potential for future scientific and/or professional contributions to the field.

Established by the family of W. Parker Clark, former Chair of the Physics & Astronomy Department, in honor of his contributions to the Physics & Astronomy Department.

Karlgaard Physics Scholarship - $4500

2015-16 Recipients: Nokoma Kohl-Blomsness, Michael McDonnell, Mara Reed, Nicholas Tremain

2014-15 Recipient: Blake Smith 
2013-14 Recipient: Thomas Nevins

This scholarship is awarded to outstanding junior or senior physics majors who are concentrating on applied physics, especially those with a computational science minor and who are participating in student-faculty collaborative research with a Physics & Astronomy Department faculty member. 

David and Marilyn Karlgaard have fond memories of UWEC because they met here. David Karlgaard, a Rice Lake native, graduated from UWEC in 1967 with degrees in math and physics.  He was co-founder, CEO and president of PEC Solutions, Inc., an internet technology-consulting firm headquartered in Fairfax, VA, which was acquired by Nortel Networks in 2005.  Marilyn, a Viroqua native, attended UWEC from 1965-1968.  She is a retired human resource manager.

Dr. Gabriel Kojoian Memorial Scholarship - $1000

2015-16 Recipient: Cody Waters

2014-15 Recipient: Sean O'Connell
2013-14 Recipient: Mandy Neumann

Awarded to a student majoring in the Physics and Astronomy Department who shows great promise for a successful career in research or teaching (where preference is given to a student who is preparing to attend graduate school).

This scholarship was established to honor Dr. Gabriel Kojoian, a long-time Professor of Physics and Astronomy at UWEC.  The first son of Armenian immigrants,Gabe received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, where he was widely recognized for his research in the fields of particle physics and radio astronomy.  Gabe joined the UWEC faculty in 1976.  In addition to teaching physics, astrophysics and astronomy courses at UW- Eau Claire for over two decades, he mentored and wrote papers with UW-Eau Claire students on research projects in astronomy and astrophysics.  Gabe was a devoted friend and mentor, and the opportunities that he provided to students will be long remembered.  This scholarship was established by UW-Eau Claire alumnus Doug Pearson in Gabe's memory on his passing in 1998.

Jacob Clarkson Memorial Scholarship - $500

2015-16 Recipient: Mara Reed

2014-15 Recipient:  Matthew Bowe
2013-14 Recipient: Sam Fehey

Awarded to an outstanding junior or senior UW-Eau Claire student majoring in physics with a record of academic achievement and a deep passion for the study of physics.  Award recipients are also evaluated based on their breadth of interests outside of physics, their leadership skills, their commitment to fellow students, and their intention to pursue graduate study in physics.

Established in memory of Jacob Clarkson, a UW-Eau Claire physics major with a gift for and love of science, whose life ended prematurely in October 2012.

Physics & Astronomy Opportunity Fund Award - $550

2015-16 Recipients: Nokoma Kohl-Blomsness, Riley Pikus

2014-15 Recipient(s):  Nokoma Kohl-Blomsness & Austin Riedl
2013-14 Recipients: Thomas Nevins and Michael Yohn

Awarded to an outstanding student in the Physics & Astronomy Department who demonstrates academic excellence and aptitude for scientific research.  This award will enhance his or her ability to further physics/astronomy knowledge and understanding through a creative research project.

This scholarship was established by a UWEC alum who currently owns his own business in Eau Claire.  He enjoyed his physics and philosophy courses so much while he attended UWEC that he wanted to encourage current students to spend more time working on creative research projects and furthering their knowledge and understanding of the subjects.

Physics Beyond the Classroom Scholarship - $500

2015-16 Recipient: Alexander (AJ) Kukay

2014-15 Recipient:  Michael Yohn
2013-14 Recipient: Sean O'Connell

Awarded to an outstanding student in the Physics & Astronomy Department who demonstrates excellence outside the classroom, as well as within the classroom.  These extracurricular activities could include participation in a study abroad program, leadership experiences enhancing the social atmosphere of the Department and Seminar Room,and/or the potential for future contributions to a scientific field.

Established by Ben Sykora, a grateful 2006 UW-Eau Claire Physics & Astronomy graduate,along with a generous contribution from Trane/Ingersoll Rand Corporation.

John T. Carroll Scholarship - $1600

2015-16 Recipient: Lougen Xu

2014-15 Recipient: Steven Fuhrman 
2013-14 Recipient: Zachary Kuhn

Awarded to the most outstanding physics or pre-engineering major based on academic excellence in Physics 231/232 (introductory calculus-based physics).

Established in honor of John T. "Terry" Carroll son of former Northern States Power – Wisconsin President Jack Carroll, for his notable record of achievement in scientific research.  Terry was 45 years old when he died after establishing a notable record of achievement in scientific research.  He earned a bachelor's degree in Madison.  He did postdoctoral work as a programmer at the Stanford Linear Accelerator.  He also worked on a research project at the European organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva.  The results of the CERN project included the discovery of an important new subatomic particle, and the head of the project received the Nobel Prize for Physics for this discovery.  At the time of his death, Terry was employed as an applied scientist at Fermilab in Batavia,Illinois. 

Richard McGregor Memorial Graduate Studies Scholarship - $600

2015-15 Recipient: Austin Riedl

2014-15 Recipient: Thomas Nevins 
2013-14 Recipient: Samuel Emmons

Awarded to the most outstanding senior student in the Physics & Astronomy Department, to assist in the successful transition to the graduate program of his or her choice.

This award was established by Beverly McGregor in honor of her husband. Richard McGregor graduated from UWEC in 1950 with a BS in math.  After serving in the Korean War and earning his MS from Marquette University in 1959, he returned to UWEC as a faculty member in the Physics & Astronomy Department. For the last 20 years of his service to the University he was an Assistant Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences.