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Path to success winds through Career Services

| Jen Kieffer

Congratulations! You are now a very accomplished, got-it-all-together college student. But did you ever think that maybe you don't need to have it all figured out? Sometimes the best paths in life are discovered completely by accident, and giving yourself a little space to try things you never thought you would (check out the infographic below!). 

However, there's something else that MUST go along with that. You HAVE to take the time to interact/network/form relationships with people who can help point you in helpful directions from time to time.

Career Services and the Career Conference are very good places to make those helpful connections. The four Blugolds below are great examples of how to find your path by reaching out for direction along the way – see how they did it and be inspired!

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Paths to success through Career Conference for Blugolds