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Jennifer Sallis ’92

| Rebecca Dienger

Jennifer Sallis '92 completed a 4,200-mile bicycle trek last summer. The Cycle America trip departed from Seattle with more than 50 cyclists from around the world. They crossed over the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains, the Midwestern states (including Wisconsin), the Adirondack Mountains in the Northeast and finished the journey in Boston.

On the first day, bikers dipped their back tires into the Pacific Ocean and symbolically dipped their front tires in the Atlantic nine weeks later.

"It felt great, a shared accomplishment among riders, family and friends," said the UW-Eau Claire French and Spanish graduate. "It was a fantastic journey exposing me to amazing scenery up close, the kindness of fellow riders and abilities we didn't know we had."

Sallis began her business career in Paris, France, and was transferred to New York in 2001. She and her husband live in Princeton, N.J., where she works independently as a consultant in the areas of international human resources and change management. She can be reached at