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Jeff Rodenberg ’95

| Diane Walkoff

Jeff Rodenberg ’95, a UW-Eau Claire art graduate and visual artist based in the Twin Cities, created the winning entry in a worldwide competition to produce the official video for the  track “5:15” from The Who’s November 2011 release of “Quadrophenia: The Director’s Cut.”

Rodenberg’s award-winning film depicts him painting a sectional portrait of The Who’s band members, Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle and Keith Moon. In classic Who style, the video has a surprise ending that mimics the band’s destructive stage antics.

“When I was a kid I enjoyed watching painting shows on PBS,” Rodenberg said. “I was fascinated watching the process of someone painting a picture in half an hour. I did the painting in layers because I wanted to give the impression that this was one person split into four parts, or conversely, that these four talented individuals came together to form the single entity of "The Who.”

Rodenberg’s film and other works can be viewed on his website,