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Graduate in four years? Plan ahead with MyPlanner

| Katie Schmitz, Meredith Robertson, and Emily Colosimo

We’ve all been there … enjoying a friendly conversation about our college experience with our parents and relatives when that dreaded question is asked, “So, are you going to graduate in four years?” We’d be lying if we said we enjoy this question or the thought of confirming to our parents that yes, we’ll make it out in that amount of time. However, this question doesn’t have to be all that scary.

Starting from the tours we took as prospective students, we know and understand that the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire strives to make this goal a reality for a lot of students. So if you’re looking to graduate in four years, you need to start that plan. It will make the dreaded conversation with your parents and relatives a little easier.

One of the best ways to get on the track for graduation in four years is to plan it, not just to show to our parents, but to feel like for once in our lives we have it figured out. Organization is key, and planning will become your best friend. The best part is that UW-Eau Claire has so many tools in place to help with this stage.

So, where do you begin?

MyPlanner is your first step. MyPlanner is a Web-based schedule builder that allows you to choose which classes, required and elective, you need or want to take throughout your time at UW-Eau Claire. It gives you not only the freedom to customize your semesters, but also puts it in an organized way that you can keep coming back to as a reference for staying on track.

So, where can you find this tool and how can you feel totally comfortable using it?

MyPlanner is right on your CampS, under Self Service > Student Center > Plan. You can view the many different options, like “Plan By My Requirements” by following this link.

The most important thing to know is that if you haven’t planned yet, don’t worry. You can start planning at any semester and at any year in school, whether you’re a first-semester freshman or second-semester junior.

But what if you’ve designed your MyPlanner, maybe a little late or maybe not at the right time, and it looks like you’ll be here for more than four years? First, breathe. The reality is that things happen and not everyone graduates in four years, but we also advise you to not give up just yet.

The planning stage is still your friend. The faster you understand your semesters until graduation, the easier you can plan around any road bumps. Did you know that MyPlanner also allows you to arrange summer and Winterim classes? Use these tools to help you in any situation. If you’re still worried about graduating in four years, don’t be, just plan ahead.