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'Engaged with UW-Eau Claire' features Aric Steffen

| Jesse Yang (story + video)

Aric Steffen, a 2005 UW-Eau Claire accounting and finance graduate, is featured in this “Engaged with UW-Eau Claire” video series. Currently employed with the hedge fund Greenlight Capital in New York City, Steffen returned to campus in October to deliver a Blugold SuccessShop about his experiences working in finance and accounting, meet with recipients of the Aric J. Steffen Accounting and Finance Scholarship, and learn about the Blu'$ Gold financial literacy program on campus.

After honing a multiyear relationship with campus recruiters at the Career Conference, and other career and internship-oriented events, Steffen began work at Ernst & Young in New York City following his graduation from UW-Eau Claire. Recalling that he was interviewing for the role alongside MBA graduates from Ivy League universities and other well-known institutions, he encouraged students to understand that with hard work and drive, they are equipped to go up against anybody with their UW-Eau Claire education. Steffen also advised students to seek extracurricular experiences that will enhance their time in college, as well as to find those same opportunities for engagement with their employers.

Watch Aric's spotlight video above.