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Elizabeth O’Brien ’04

| Rebecca Dienger

Elizabeth O’Brien ’04 was teaching grammar, literature and writing in California when she became inspired to launch a Web site dedicated to her passion: sentence diagramming.

“After seeing how well it worked for my students, I had to do it,” said O’Brien, who was an elementary education major at UW-Eau Claire. “Sentence diagramming is hardly taught anymore and gets so much unjust flak. I want the site to encourage people to learn and teach grammar this way because it’s fun and could help so many people.”

O’Brien gets about 2,000 daily visitors at They are grammar teachers going back to basics, teachers of English as a second language and nonteachers who just want to improve their grammar skills. The site features instruction, grammar games, quizzes, e-books available for download and a user forum. She’s currently developing a video course.

“Everything in life is more enjoyable when you understand it,” O’Brien said. “I’m helping people gain the knowledge to teach, write and speak with clarity and confidence.”

O’Brien lives in North Oaks, Minn., with her husband, David O’Brien ’03.