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Behind-the-scenes Blugolds gain experience, unique perspectives

| Alison Wagener

This summer, 43 UW-Eau Claire students worked tirelessly to set up, take down and even manage stages during the Eaux Claires music festival. We caught up some of with these behind-the-scenes Blugolds before the big weekend to chat with them about their insights, excitement and dedication.


Kaynen is a senior music major and marketing minor.

Kaynen Harris

“I think my favorite part [last year] was seeing the whole process, being behind the scenes the whole time, getting all the stages up and then being on stage and changing over the bands and getting to meet them a bit too. It’s really a unique experience. [This year] I’m hoping to network a bit more, because I’m hoping to work in the music industry at some point, so I’m hoping to network and just learn more of the ropes.”



Sebastian graduated in 2015 with a music major and English literature minor.

Sebastian Armendariz

“It’s allowed me to work at a really high level, and to really break ground. We’ve been told that this is really the first international festival that’s been put on by college students being the main crew with boots on the ground. And I think starting that trend is good, especially if they follow the trends that are happening here: they treat us well, they treat us like professionals. We gain a lot of valuable experience from it. And a lot of the professionals that we’ve worked with say we’re the best crew that they’ve worked with. So they like working with us, mainly because we’re eager. We’re not burned out by the industry… yet.”



Savannah is a sophomore biology major in the pre-professional medicine program.

Savannah Seaver

“I know it’s work – I’m getting paid for it – but it’s something that I love doing, and it makes me happy. […] It’s definitely impacted the way I view other performances and other huge events. I look more at how much work is put into everything around is, and it makes me appreciate all forms of art more. There are so many little things that go into this that people don’t even recognize.”



Steven is a senior music major.

Steven Witzeling

“Watching it from the front, that’s one thing. It’s really rewarding; you get to pay two hundred bucks, go to the front, and see these really beautiful acts perform. But when you can go backstage, and when you spend the entire week before just putting your hands in, just getting your hands dirty, getting all sweaty, working like twelve hours a day, it’s just a little bit more rewarding. I’m really, really thankful that I get to work with the great people at EPC and that I get an opportunity like this.”