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creating music AND championing his band

| Jeremy Steinmetz

An integrated strategic communication-advertising major and music minor, Logan Johnson already is taking what he’s learning in the classroom and applying it in the real world. Logan and his high school friend Noah Dekam created an Americana rock band called Dekam & Johnson. The Owatonna, Minnesota, natives began playing for talent shows and fundraisers.

Recently the duo decided to take things to the next level. Using the communication and other strategies he’s learning in his UW-Eau Claire classes, Logan created a website and promotional materials to bring greater attention to the band. He also began writing original music for the duo to record and perform.

The result of his efforts? Dekam & Johnson recorded 32 original songs and performed 30 concerts last year in venues across the Midwest. Logan says he enjoys writing music that reflect his feelings and he strives to create music that will inspire feelings in every member of the audience.

As he looks to the future, Logan hopes his band will continue to find success in the recording studio and on the stage. He says he’ll consider his band truly successful when it performs on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon."

By combining the communication and music knowledge he’s gaining as a Blugold with his natural musical talent, Logan Johnson is creating music AND championing his band … and that’s pretty powerful!

Photo caption: Logan Johnson