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Continuing Education announces December program offerings

| Alex Gehl

UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education/UW-Extension connects people with possibilities by providing degrees and certificates for working adults, professional and workforce development, youth and community programs, and resources for business.

Following are upcoming programs that provide the opportunity for individuals to grow professionally and personally. 

Marketing and Social Media for Artists
Dec. 6, Eau Claire

Marketing can be a daunting topic for any small business or entrepreneur. It can get even more complex for artists who are trying to balance if making the art should come before or after finding a target market for their product. Marketing expert Erin Trowbridge will help you answer some of these questions by teaching you how to define your product, discover a target audience and make decisions about how to sell your work. 

Talent Management and Succession Planning
Dec. 6, Hudson

This program focuses on equipping leaders like you with the knowledge to identify and develop the skills in your employees that will help you and them achieve success. Not only is this accomplished by hiring people with the correct competencies, but also by retaining and developing those talented employees. You’ll leave this program with tactics, tools and strategies you can quickly put into effect and a road map to set your team up for the future.

Social Work Ethics and the Law
Dec. 7, Eau Claire

Knowledge of relevant law and professional ethics, and the ability to apply both in practice, are hallmarks of the professional. In many situations, law and ethics intersect and complicate resolution of the issue. This workshop discusses the sources of authority and the expectations of both ethics and law, using MPSW 20, the NASW Code of Ethics, the ABA Code of Ethics, and Wisconsin and federal statutes to understand how law and ethics work together. Case scenarios will be used for group problem-solving.

ACT Prep-Winter
Dec. 15, Eau Claire (morning and afternoon sessions)

Help your student ease their worries and get prepared by signing them up for an ACT prep course. This holistic course provides a comprehensive review of the ACT test but also focuses on the specific subjects that will be covered. Plus, this year we’ve added a section on overall test preparation based on feedback from our past participants. Each session will show your student how to approach the ACT through one-on-one attention from expert instructors, practice questions, review of past test booklets and more. Check out a detailed overview of what’s covered in the ACT Test Prep course that’s offered year-round.

For complete program details visit the Continuing Education website, email or call 715-836-3636.