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chatting with superstars AND championing women's health

| Abby Reimer

Once the charming anchor of UW–Eau Claire’s TV 10, Jess Amaris continues her passion for journalism as a beauty editor for the website in Los Angeles. Her experience in front of the camera at UW-Eau Claire has certainly helped her relate to some of the starlet subjects of her interviews. Jess has had the pleasure of interviewing superstars like Kylie Jenner and Jessica Alba, and Jess is comfortable talking about beauty secrets or how women can make healthy lifestyle choices.

Jess attributes much of her success to TV 10, UW-Eau Claire’s student-run television station, where she was an anchor for the news segment. TV 10 kept her motivated to explore all the facets of journalism and it was there she realized her zeal for editorial work. Jess’s focus on living a healthy lifestyle inspired her to create her own position as Mayo Clinic’s health blogger in her last year at UW-Eau Claire. In addition, she utilized her videography skills to advocate for women’s emotional health. She takes every opportunity to make living healthy lifestyles more accessible and fun for women across the country.

All of Jess’s efforts paid off when she won the coveted Mickey Crothers award while at UW-Eau Claire. This prestigious honor is given to a woman who makes a creative project in the arts related to gender issues. Jess won for her piece “The Spirit of Sisterhood,” a video project that explored how the art of belly dancing can be used to help women cope with society’s pressures to fit a “beauty standard.” To tell the story, Jess focused on a local group in Eau Claire called Lasa Anahata Tribal. She combined her love of journalism with her enthusiasm for health to tell a beautiful, unique story that was meant to inspire women to love themselves.

Navigating a massive metropolis like L.A. can be wildly intimidating, and interviewing superstars is not for the faint of heart, but Jess makes it look easy. Her love for journalism and women’s health meld together seamlessly in her position at She’s a beauty editor AND a health advocate… and that’s pretty powerful!