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Chancellor's Blog: Anger. Disappointment. Deep resolve.

| Chancellor James Schmidt

Sign the pledge today

These are the emotions I've been experiencing over the last few weeks as yet again I learn of racist incidents on our campus. Of students threatened, degraded and ridiculed both in person and online because of their race, gender or sexual orientation. Such actions are not just inappropriate, they are racist, sexist and homophobic and it's important that we honestly confront them as such. This is not behavior that I can or will condone — by any Blugold.

Over the past year many faculty, staff and students have worked very hard to call out negative behavior, work in our residence halls to build awareness and empower advocates, improve our curriculum and provide professional development for employees, as well as continue the tough work to strengthen our campus climate. And we can do more. All of us. 

I'm calling all Blugolds to rally as only we can to say "enough." To confront racism and sexism, homophobia or other "isms," whether in a post online, a message scrawled on a whiteboard or a personal action. And to pledge that we will not tolerate such actions — not on our campus and not in our community. 

Will you join me? I'm going to be outside Davies on Thursday, March 19 at 11 a.m. Get your photo taken as a sign of your commitment to the campus community and share your thoughts using #NotOnMyCampus on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

I hope to join thousands of you — faculty, staff and students — in signing a "Not on Our Campus, Not in Our Community" pledge. A pledge that we will face the bigotry and racism that exists on our campus, call it out, stand up to it and root it out. 

Our campus and our community can be so much better. Let's make it better, together.

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