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Blugolds' research highlighted on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Harry Jol

Dr. Harry Jol, professor of geography and anthropology

The collaborative faculty-student research work of Dr. Harry Jol, professor of geography and anthropology, and several of his students was highlighted on Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 11, in Israel as a NOVA documentary featuring the research aired in that country. The documentary, "Holocaust Escape Tunnel," also was rebroadcast the same day on public television stations across the United States. The one-hour documentary is available on NOVA's website.

The special, which originally aired last April, highlights the work of a large team of researchers from around the world who discovered a secret tunnel Jewish prisoners used to escape the Nazis during the Holocaust. The tunnel and burial pits were discovered in Lithuania.

Jol said the UW-Eau Claire team’s largest contribution to the project was providing the ground-penetrating radar and general geoscience expertise to the multinational team of scientists and researchers.

You can find out more details about the Blugolds who helped make this historic discovery by reading the story published not long after the tunnel was unearthed.