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Blugolds lead Blackhawk special education program

| Emily Kaltenberg

The Bloomer school district and community definitely share a sense of pride as Blackhawks. While several staff members within the special education program share another sense of shared pride – as Blugolds. Bloomer school district is home to five UWEC special education graduates. These Blugolds account for over half of the program’s staff. They have learned to incorporate and transition their Blugold ways to the Blackhawk way.

The five special education graduates including Rebecca Lueck, Hannah Mesiar, Derek Thompson, Felicity Rose Kilmurray, and Tianna Hebert, are honored to have the opportunity to work with fellow Blugolds. The education and experience they gained through the program at UWEC have prepared them to be successful educators. The special education department at UWEC focuses on the benefits of collaborative leadership in education, which these graduates strive to accomplish on a daily basis. They will tell you there is immense value in the fact they share a common goal of what is best for their students and seek beneficial solutions from collaborating with each other.

It is obvious the sense of community doesn’t stop at being a Blugold. The Blackhawk way resonates with the Bloomer community and brings the entire school district and community together. The graduates all stressed the importance of being a good role model for their students, the school, and the community as a whole. The program at Bloomer school district is successful because of the community support and the positive working and learning environment for staff and students alike.

“An education degree from UWEC is an honor in itself, now add the value of getting to work with others that you know received a quality college experience is all the greater,” Thompson says about getting the privilege to work with his fellow Blugolds. The Bloomer school district has obviously found tremendous value in hiring UWEC special education graduates, and we can’t argue with them, Blugolds are the best!