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Blugold Spotlight features Lissa Greer

| Jesse Yang (story + video)

She went to college at UW-Eau Claire. She works at UW-Eau Claire. And, well, she lives at UW-Eau Claire, too.

Lissa Greer, hall director of Governors Hall at UW-Eau Claire, is familiar with what her job can bring at all hours of the day and night.

“Working in Housing and Residence Life, it’s a whole new world," Greer says. "It’s a live-in position. So, 24/7, I’m available to my students. I’m able to have the flexibility of my own schedule. Sometimes, I might have to work until 3 a.m. addressing a crisis, but the impact I have on others makes it all worth it.”

Greer says she loves living and working all in one space and is grateful to have the support of her husband, Mike, who is also a Blugold alumnus.

“I live in the residence halls with my family. I have a very patient and supportive husband who was willing to move into the residence hall versus buying a home post grad school,” Greer said through chuckles. “It’s been a wonderful component added to my family life — to be able to live and work in the same location.

“We feel like a bigger community. My family has a bigger family because of all of our residents. I’ve talked with a few of our residents who say they just love seeing my family around. They like having kids around. The students love spending time with Dexter, our dog. They’ve shared with me that they appreciate our presence as a family here — it feels a little more like home.”

Greer supervises a team of 12 resident assistants and oversees 350 residents in Governors Hall, a task she says proves to be rewarding, yet challenging, every day.

“What drew me to the hall director position was the opportunity to help students develop personally and professionally," Greer says. "College is a crucial time for them as they continue their journey, making big decisions about life and their future.”

The former Blugold volleyball athlete often shares with students about her undergraduate experience and the importance of engaging in experiential learning opportunities that can help them develop into a better version of themselves.

“During my college years, I was able to study abroad in Valladolid, Spain," Greer says. "The valuable lesson was learning to be independent in a new world. I learned that the language barrier can very much humble you and test your perseverance. The opportunity to learn culture, travel and see the world really opened my eyes and made me appreciate so much more.

“When studying abroad, I was randomly assigned a roommate, and we lived in an apartment with a host family. We shared a room, became best friends, and now, she’s one of my best friends to this day. She was my maid of honor in my wedding — who knows if we would have met otherwise! To be able to share that important life journey, studying abroad, learning that level of independence and appreciating the world around you — it was something amazing.”

Shortly after graduating in 2009, Greer continued her involvement in student affairs on campus by helping to build the Blugold Beginnings program before getting her master's degree in student affairs administration in higher education and transitioning into her current role as hall director in Governors.

“I think the best part about the hall director job, and student affairs in general, is the relationships that you’re able to build with students and being able to build in student development and getting to know students and watch them learn and grow through hardships and successes,” Greer says.

UW-Eau Claire has a special meaning for Greer: Life happened here for her and her family.

“It’s awesome to be a Blugold. It’s awesome to be a part of the Blugold family because you know you’re going to have the relationships forever. The people you were able to meet, the genuine care and concern that staff show students, and the respect that my colleagues show me — those relationships that I’ve built during my time as a student and now as an employee at UW-Eau Claire are amazing and something to be proud of.”