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Blugold Spotlight features Dr. Ming-Li Hsieh

| Jesse Yang (story + video)

Criminal justice and criminology are the core academic passions of Dr. Ming-Li Hsieh, assistant professor in the criminal justice program at UW-Eau Claire.

Since joining the Blugold family in 2016, Hsieh has engaged in several faculty-student collaborative research projects, including those relating to community corrections, comparative criminal justice and campus safety.

Research is central to UW-Eau Claire, which Hsieh says attracted her to this institution.

"I am energized and excited to be here at UW-Eau Claire," Hsieh says. "I have been able to partake in faculty-student collaborative research, taking students to Taiwan to learn about the criminal justice system in Chinese society, and in Eau Claire, where we’re studying the safety climate of campus."

The Taiwan native says students can strengthen their communication and critical thinking skills outside the classroom in research opportunities, where they can develop research methods and apply what they’ve learned in the field.

With connections to police officials in Taiwan, Hsieh brings cohorts of student researchers to learn and study the different and similar community-oriented policing practices there and in the U.S.

"It is important to help students understand multicultural justice," Hsieh says. "There are a wide range of issues that center around policing and the criminal justice system, including racial conflict, misunderstanding of law enforcement, police brutality, differential sentencing and prison overcrowding. To better understand how to approach these topics, Blugolds in the criminal justice program can use what they've learned of other policing practices from another country and evidence-based research to understand the paradigm of the criminal justice system."