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Blugold Radio debuts unique 'Bridge Talks' show

| Erin Finneman

Scott Morfitt definitely has the voice for radio, and he will be putting it to good use on Saturday evenings in a new show called "Bridge Talks." The Blugold Radio station manager created the new show to highlight the connections between UW-Eau Claire and the greater Chippewa Valley community. “Bridge Talks” premiered Sept. 23 and the weekly show will air at 5 p.m. every Saturday.

“We developed this segment to bring big ideas coming out of the university to the community,” Scott said. “We will be running things such as the faculty forum series, student readings, speeches from the forensics team and so much more.”

All content presented during the show will be timely and relevant, Scott said. With the upcoming election, one of the stories that ran on the debut show was a detailed history of students’ voting choices over that last 100 of UW-Eau Claire. Scott hopes the show will offer interesting, relevant stories linking the past and present, and UW-Eau Claire to the rest of the world. Kiri Salinas, a senior from Cudahy majoring in journalism, will serve as co-host for the show. Scott and Kiri will give listeners context and background for the topics covered, and they are excited to create some new connections in the “city of bridges.”

“We want to build a bridge to the Chippewa Valley,” Scott said. “There are so many big ideas coming out of the university, and the community deserves to hear those things. Along with the community learning new things, people on campus can learn things as well. For example, sometimes faculty can’t show up to forums, so we want to give them that opportunity on a different platform.”

The hour-long show will be a staple in Blugold Radio's new lineup. Blugold Radio, which hit the airwaves on July 1, was born after Mid-West Family Broadcasting gave the UW-Eau Claire Foundation a $1 million gift earlier this year that included a radio license, transmitter, tower and related equipment for operation of the station, 99.9 WDRK-FM. The Foundation created Blugold Radio LLC, which oversees Blugold Radio. The station features a unique indie format aimed at students and music lovers across the Chippewa Valley.


Kiri Salinas

The Bridge Talks show is the first opportunity for students, faculty and staff to share their work on Blugold Radio. UW-Eau Claire is a central piece of the local community and the flow of ideas from on and off campus is an important aspect of integrating the two, Scott said.

“I really want bigger involvement around campus for the things we air,” Scott said. “The station is meant to connect campus to the community, and we can’t do that without our listeners. We want the station to be good. Good for everyone who has an ear open to us.”

There is no doubt that Blugold Radio has been good, very good, since it went live in July. Thanks to a dedicated team of students, the station is the Chippewa Valley’s go-to station for local and national independent music and Blugold athletics.

“Bridge Talks is just another way the station is reaching this community,” Scott said. “We are all about locality and our students help that vision stay alive. They learn a lot about professional playlists and hosting along with immersion in the local music scene.”

Tune into 99.9 FM at 5 p.m. each Saturday to hear the latest installment of “Bridge Talks” and visit for more information about the Chippewa Valley’s exciting new local station.

Photo caption: Scott Morfitt is the station manager for Blugold Radio 99.9 FM.