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Blugold makes history with Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps

| Judy Berthiaume

Wonder what Blugolds do with their summers?

If you are Megan Hutera, you make history.

The UW-Eau Claire sophomore music education major will be the first female brass player in the Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps’ storied 80-year history.

The Rice Lake native also will be a featured flugelhorn soloist throughout the corps’ 2018 production.

“After getting so much attention after the announcement launched, I am starting to realize the scale of impact this will have on the drum corps' activity,” Megan says. “I want this summer with the Madison Scouts to be the summer of a lifetime — filled with great people, great music and great performing.”

A trumpet player, Megan has performed in numerous pit orchestras in Eau Claire and Rice Lake.

She currently is part of UW-Eau Claire’s Wind Symphony and Jazz Ensemble III. She also plays in the Aria Brass Quintet, a student chamber ensemble.

While she is a veteran performer, she is new to the drum corps.

She hopes that by stepping out of her comfort zone she can be an example to her fellow Blugolds.

“I would tell other Blugolds to take positive risks in their life,” Megan says. “It is important to be able to face the possibility of failure and learn from those experiences.”

A trumpet player in her studio recommended Megan to the Madison Scouts, and she quickly agreed to its invitation for her to audition.

Knowing that she would be a role model for other female musicians was especially appealing, she says of what drew her to the opportunity.

“It has always been a dream of mine to be an influential and respected person,” Megan says. “I knew in my heart that if I did not take the risk and at least audition for this opportunity, I would be going against my core beliefs.

“Being a possible mentor and inspiration for another individual is a humbling thought and something I aspire to do.”

Megan is looking forward to the challenge and the opportunity that comes with her position in the highly respected drum corps.

She is also looking forward to playing with other talented musicians who share her passion for music and performing.

Despite her status as the only female in Madison Scouts this year, she is confident she will easily fit in with the group.

“After I attended the February camp where the announcement was finally made, I felt instantly at home and comfortable with my decision to continue with this opportunity,” Megan says. “I value group activity and I feel that as a performer your ensemble is always like your home base.”

She also is humbled, she says, by the support and encouraging words she is receiving from people connected to the Madison Scouts and within the drum corps community in general.

Moving forward, her focus will be on improving her skills and contributing as much as she can to the quality of the performances, she says.

“I want to make sure that everything I play is perfectly nuanced so that the show, from a larger perspective, is that much more detailed,” Megan says.

UW-Eau Claire has prepared her well to make the most of this and other opportunities that will help her grow as a musician, future educator and as a person, Megan says.

“I have learned invaluable skills about being able to promote myself, connect with other people, and become a better individual all around,” Megan says. “I would not have the mindset I do without being a part of this community.”

Megan says the extensive reach of the Blugold community is impressive and highly valuable as she continues to build her skills and her resume.

“I am constantly running into UWEC alumni,” Megan says. “All of these common connections have helped me to branch out my social networks and have allowed me to land these opportunities.”

In the future, Megan hopes to attend graduate school to earn a master’s in music education and a doctorate in a music-related field.

Eventually, her plan is to teach, though she says she is open to exploring multiple different opportunities depending on where life takes her.

To learn more, check out a video about Megan.

Photo caption: Megan Hutera is the first female brass player in the Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps.