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Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Shows to be featured in Foster Gallery

The Foster Gallery in UW-Eau Claire's Haas Fine Arts Center will host two Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Shows, featuring the portfolios of May 2015 BFA candidates. The first show will run from May 5-10, and the second will run from May 13-18. Each show will feature works by 11 graduating students. 

The opening reception for the first set of candidates will be held from 1-3 p.m. May 9, and the second reception will be held from 1-3 p.m. May 16.

Following is a sampling of the works featured in each show: 

Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Show 1, May 5-10

  • Julie Amble, St. Paul, Minnesota, will exhibit a series of portraits meant to highlight the duality between societal and self-perception. Amble describes her art as constantly changing in her effort to push the realms of traditional portraiture.  
  • Molly Collman, Lakeville, Minnesota, will exhibit her graphic designs aimed at marketing a conference called NU AGE, and will include corporate stationery, booklets, posters and website design. Collman describes her work as whimsical and contemporary, and credits much research of design standards and industry trends in her development of the visual identity for NU AGE.
  • Derek Hestekin, Hixton, will exhibit his graphic design work created to promote brand identity for the technology conference Webcon, and will include programs, brochures, lanyards and a mobile app design. Hestekin described his designs as contemporary with clear technological influence. A visual theme relying on circuit board graphics runs throughout the series, signifying not only technology but social connections experienced by Webcon 2015 participants.  
  • Kaitlin Lorenz, Holmen, will exhibit a series of photography inkjet prints titled "Rooms of Personalities," which depict how student bedrooms "accurately and completely" represent their personalities. Lorenz chose the bedroom as a focus because she believes that students, in this transitory period of life, keep everything of importance to them in the bedroom.
  • Samantha Nelson, Fond du Lac, will exhibit video game concept design artwork and comics. Nelson describes her art as fantasy and symbolic storytelling, appealing to viewers through the use of fresh, colorful and vivid images.
  • Lauren Pink, Verona, will exhibit branding/identity design for a personal care product line called "Be You." The focus of the brand is on the user rather than the product, and applies the words fun, sweet, confident and strong to how women should perceive themselves, as opposed to popular media perspective. 
  • Ana von Huben, Waterloo, will exhibit her graphic design collection called "Face Forward," including packaging, branding and illustrated posters.Von Huben describes her designs as a fusion of graphics and illustration, lending a more "handmade" touch to an otherwise strictly digital medium.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Show 2, May 13-18 

  • Amanda Babb, Elk Mound, will exhibit her photography in a digital collage titled "Self-Examination." Babb describes her work as primarily influenced by the contrast between her upbringing and her adult experiences. She works with "themes of shifting perception and blurring lines of social constructs," and enjoys creating a new piece from a found image. 
  • Darcy Behringer, River Falls, will exhibit her series of photographs which integrate reflective surface into landscapes. Influenced by performance artists Joan Jonas and Marina Abramovic, and photographer David Heberlein, Behringer describes her process as extending, limiting or altering the viewer's vision. 
  • Adam Klingbeil, Augusta, will exhibit an event display for Covert Hunting, a presentation of products and promotional materials. Klingbeil describes this graphics collection as clean, modern and bold, designed to convey the dependability, functionality and high quality of the Covert Hunting brand. 
  • Emma Lofald, Onalaska, will exhibit design work representing a fictional paper company, and will include functional products using illustrative design patterns and elements. 

Foster Gallery hours are 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. weekdays, 6-8 p.m. Thursdays and 1-4:30 p.m. weekends. For more information, contact Tom Wagener, Foster Gallery director, at or 715-836-2328.