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Angela Pittman Taylor ’00

Angela Pittman Taylor '00, a UW-Eau Claire communication graduate, is the recipient of a 2013 Black Excellence Award from The Milwaukee Times. She was recognized in the "corporate trailblazer" category for her contributions to diversity efforts at Robert W. Baird &Co. in Milwaukee, where she serves as first vice president, public relations, in the company's marketing and communications department.

"It is extremely humbling to be recognized, especially since my own view is I have only scratched the surface," Pittman Taylor said.

She said her fondness for UW-Eau Claire is firmly rooted in her initial exposure to the university.

"When the private school I had been attending closed unexpectedly, I needed to choose between UW-Eau Claire and another state university," Pittman Taylor said. "It was UW-Eau Claire that demonstrated a real and immediate commitment to me, and that strong first impression is the foundation of my ongoing commitment to the university."

One way she stays committed is through the Alumni of Color Social Justice and Inclusion Scholarship she co-founded with her friend Angie Hambrick '02 to support student advocates for tolerance, understanding and change.

"We believe that UW-Eau Claire is a hidden jewel and that more students of color across the state need to know they can come here and succeed," Pittman Taylor said.