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Advice for the Fall Career Conference

| Danielle Ferestad

In a world of study sessions and over-caffeinated drinks, Blugolds are the best people to tell you about the real UWEC experience. The CJ 491 class wrote about their perspectives on all aspects of college life. These are their stories.

1. Go. Even if you aren't looking for a job, go.

Even if you aren't ready for an internship, it is still good to go to the conference and work on presenting yourself in a business-type setting. Research companies that will be at the conference.

2. Go alone

One mistake students make is going with friends. I'm not saying you can't walk to the conference together. But as soon as you take a step into the ballroom, it's time to separate. Being with your friends can distract you from preparing yourself before you walk up to a company you are interested in.

3. Eat breakfast, but skip the coffee

I don't care if you never eat breakfast. On the day of Career Conference, you need to eat breakfast. By getting food into your system, you are waking your body up. If you are hungry while talking to recruiters, you will not be focused. Drinking coffee doesn't count as having breakfast. I've seen students walk around buzzed on caffeine. Your adrenaline will be pumping enough. You will not need the caffeine. Trust me.

4. Focus on dress and hygiene

Most college students do not have a lot of business professional clothes. If you're one of them, borrow from a friend who does have business clothes. If you are not comfortable borrowing clothes, then go to Savers or Wal-Mart. Each store has affordable business clothes that would work for this occasion. 

Bring extra deodorant with you. You can apply some in the storage room for backpacks before walking into the ballroom. It is really hot in there and you'll be glad you brought it along.

5. Have copies of your resume on hand

Even if you apply online, it is good to have a resume on hand to give to the recruiter. As soon as you give a recruiter a copy and you walk away, they turn around and write notes on it.

6. Try the Career Fair Plus app

Our campus now has a UWEC Career Fair Plus app. I highly recommend downloading it and researching companies from it before the day of the conference. You can filter by what type of job you're looking for and by major.

7. Do a trial run with a couple companies

You will be nervous when you walk into ballroom. Walk around and spot where the companies are located that you are interested in talking to. Before you go there, go to a couple of companies you aren't interested in or don't know much about and practice giving your elevator pitch to a recruiter. This will help get all of your nervous jitters out before talking to the companies you are interested in.

8. Utilize Career Services

Everyone should get their resume reviewed at Career Services. The staff there knows what companies are looking for in a resume. My resume wouldn't be nearly as good if it wasn't for the help of the Career Service staff. 

To get your resume reviewed, you can schedule an appointment online.

9. Follow up

Before leaving a company's booth, take a recruiter's business card so you can follow up with them. I normally waited three days before sending a thank you email for attending our campus.

Find out how else you can prepare for the big day by visiting the conference website.

Fall Career Conference