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A Blugold’s guide to high-impact experiences

| Alison Wagener

At UW-Eau Claire, we strive for excellence in everything we do. And Blugolds, more than anyone, know that this pursuit of excellence extends beyond the four walls of a classroom.

One of the best ways to be a part of this tradition is to participate in a high-impact experience, an umbrella term that covers undergraduate student research, internships, service-learning, intercultural immersion experiences and study abroad. Basically, high-impact experiences allow you to practice hands-on learning while doing something you are passionate about.

Among UW-Eau Claire's goals for its students is that every Blugold participate in at least one high-impact experience. To help the university achieve its goal, we've created a guide to help you find the high-impact opportunities that will best help you make the most of your college experience.

Whether you're participating in one high-impact experience, seven, or even none, this guide is for you. Each section includes tips on how to make the most of your experience, how to be involved and links to student success stories.

Now pay attention because there is a lot to learn about these amazing opportunities.

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