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5 ways to navigate BOB like a pro

| Hanna Johnson

It's that time of year again! On Wednesday, Sept. 9, from 11 a.m.-2 p.m., student organizations will fill the campus mall for Blu's Organizations Bash. Maybe you're a senior rugby player and already know you'll be heading straight for the Men's Rugby Club, or perhaps you're a freshman and have no idea where to begin. Either way, here are five ways to navigate BOB like a pro: 

  1. Take advantage of the freebies. Do not let yourself walk away from BOB empty handed. As college students, getting our hands on free swag is always a plus. Maybe you'll walk away with some new pens from the International Students Association, a planner from the American Marketing Association, bookmarks from the Public Relations Student Society of America or lots and lots of candy. And you'll know an organization has done it right when they put out the good kind. (No yellow starbursts please!)
  2. Look for active recruiters. Look for the organizations that are looking for you. That means they aren't stuck behind their booth, staring at the ground; they are moving around, talking to people and engaging in recruitment. Don't be afraid to approach them, trust me, they want to talk to you!
  3. Keep an open mind. Give organizations a chance. Look for something related to your major, but don't be afraid to stretch outside your comfort zone. Maybe you'd like to try salsa dancing with Salsa Clara, or Badminton with the UW-Eau Claire Badminton Club. UW-Eau Claire offers more than 280 different student organizations; be open to the possibilities and opportunities that are out there.
  4. Meet new people. BOB is a great place to meet new people and catch up with old friends. If you're a freshman, ask your new roommate or floor mate to check out the organizations with you. Push yourself to ask a lot of questions and connect with those around you. There's always an opportunity to make a new friend.
  5. Sign up. Signing up at BOB does not mean you're committed to an organization for the next four years; it means you're interested and want to know more. Take the leap and sign up for something that sounds appealing. Four years ago, I made the best decision by putting my name down on the Public Relations Student Society of America list. Just three years later and I've held two leadership positions, attended two national conferences and made life-long friends. You never know what might come of that one signature.
Don't miss an opportunity to be part of something great. Come out to Blu's Organizations Bash this Wednesday to "Find your AND" that will make an impact on your college experience.