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Masterclass with international artist Richard Lin

Richard Lin with Hannah Sternberg

Richard Lin with Hannah Sternberg

Richard Lin with David Coates

Richard Lin offers suggestions to David Coates on his work with the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto

Richard Lin, a Taiwanese-American violinist who is the recent Gold Medalist of the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis, gave a masterclass at the Haas Fine Arts Center at UW-Eau Claire on October 12.  That evening he performed the Brahms Violin Concerto with the Chippewa Valley Symphony Orchestra with Music Director and UW-Eau Claire Violin Professor, Nobuyoshi Yasuda.  Richard grew up in Taiwan, attended Curtis Institute as an undergraduate student and then Juilliard School of Music as a graduate student.  Richard proved himself to not only be an outstanding performer, but an excellent teacher and a very warm and supportive person.  In the masterclass, he worked with three UW-Eau Claire music students who study with Yasuda, while an audience, made up of members from the community and university, watched.  Richard offered each violin student valuable specific technical and musical advice, as well as broad tips on how to approach the violin and music generally.  He emphasized the fundamental importance of posture and how the violin should be thought of as an extension of the body, and a recurring message was to PRACTICE SLOWLY.  Throughout the masterclass he was supportive and frequently confirmed to all three students that they were doing very good work.  The masterclass was supported by the Music and Theatre Arts Department, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, the Chippewa Valley Symphony Orchestra.