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embracing business AND exploring dance

| Denise Olson

Mic Nelson
marketing and management majors
dance minor

With majors in marketing and management, Mic Nelson has long known that he wants to pursue a career in business. While fully engaged in his business classes, it was a search for non-business class credits that's made him into something he never expected — a dancer. He enrolled in a dance class because "it sounded like a fun thing to try." Within weeks, he declared himself a dance minor. In addition to his accomplishments within the College of Business, his college resume also now includes two Danceworks ensembles, two Fall Dance Projects, and experience choreographing dances for The Student Dance Exchange. When he graduates this spring, he'll leave campus with his two degrees in marketing and management, and a minor in dance as well as a new appreciation for how the arts can influence his thinking about all parts of his life, including his business career. His experience with dance has helped him to "look at numbers more creatively and to look at art more logically." Through dance, Mic says he's developed the more creative and expressive parts of his thinking. He looks forward to applying this expanded creativity to his professional life as he soon begins his career at a financial firm. As he moves onto the next chapter in his life, Mic says he plans to take more dance classes, and hopes one day to teach dance. For Mic, the chance to explore something totally new while at UW-Eau Claire has expanded his thinking, his interests and his path forward. Mic Nelson is embracing business AND exploring dance ... AND that's pretty powerful!