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Military Engineering AND Materials Science

| Denise Olson

Sam Schultz, '16
Materials Science, physics emphasis

In the United States Army, engineer officers are responsible for providing full support to the wide range of engineering duties tackled by servicemen and women every day. From building structures to developing civil works programs to even providing combat mission support, these serious tasks are reserved for highly skilled and trained officers. One of those officers happens to be recent Blugold graduate Sam Schultz, ROTC scholar and commissioned 2nd Lieutenant Engineer Officer with the 996th Engineer Company, Northwoods Battalion, U.S. Army.

Clearly, Sam is not your typical college graduate.

When it came time to make the big choice about which college to attend, Sam had already fallen in love the UW-Eau Claire materials science department. But he had another major decision to make: whether or not to follow an inner calling to serve his country in the military. Upon the advice of his parents and friends, Sam applied for and received an ROTC scholarship to attend UW-Eau Claire, a choice he was grateful to have been able to make.

"When I first got to the university, there was so much that I was able to do just as being a part of the materials science program. The program really allows students to branch out and find just what they’re are looking for in this complex and ever growing field. To top this off, ROTC allowed me to test my leadership skills and to develop the traits necessary to be a successful leader, not only in the military but in a civilian life as well," Sam said. 

Schultz's research mentor Matt Jewell had this to say about the impressive work he completed here:

"Sam’s a great example of the kind of well-rounded individual that we’re really proud to graduate from UW-Eau Claire.  Sam has a wide range of analytical, engineering, and leadership skills, and here in Materials Science we were able to put together a research project for him that allowed him to showcase some of those skills.  I was really pleased to see that Sam’s work was accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, and we’re looking forward to seeing where he goes in the years to come!"

As an officer in the U.S Army serving out of Milwaukee, Sam Schultz is building the foundation for an important career in military engineering AND applying a complex degree in materials science... and that's pretty powerful!