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Materials Science student mixes things up with internship experience

For the past year, Materials Science student Eric Miller has been interning with Cardinal Glass, a float glass manufacturing company, in Menomonie, WI. As a Process Engineering Intern at Cardinal Glass, it is Eric’s job to help maintain the efficiency and quality of the entire glass making process.

Eric has learned all about the glass making process over the last year. One notable project that Eric completed was his Mixer Assay Study. It was his responsibility to determine how well the raw materials mixer was performing, which has direct implications on the quality of glass produced. Eric gained hands-on experience by collecting and testing samples directly from the production line, and he confirmed the mixer was mixing the raw materials to expected levels. His project has provided a valuable contribution to the process. When new problems in the glass making process arise, they can be confident it is not due to mixing based on Eric’s study.

Eric presented his findings at the company’s quarterly Continuous Improvement meeting; Eric described this experience as, “wonderful, it was a great way to gain experience presenting my work in an industrial setting, whereas before I mainly presented in scientific and/or academic settings.”

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