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Materials science student finds undergrad research to be life changing

| Samantha West

For any Blugold who has the chance to participate in undergraduate research, it’s a life-changing experience.

For materials science graduate Kyle Lobermeier, the experience made all the difference in his decision to continue his education.

“Doing undergraduate research helped make me realize that I wanted to go to graduate school because I want to continue to work on cutting edge science where I am a part of a team that is willing to go above and beyond what some others are willing to do so that we will make a difference,” said Lobermeier, who will be pursuing his doctorate in chemistry at the University of Iowa in the fall.

In his research experience at UW-Eau Claire, Lobermeier examined hydrophobic gold nanoparticles, making monolayer films in a Langmuir Trough for use as a backside reflector in solar cells.

Throughout the research process, Lobermeier regularly collaborated with fellow researchers, as well as his faculty adviser Jennifer Dahl outside of time in the lab, which he said developed his collaboration skills in incredible ways.

“Within my research I worked with my fellow researchers on these projects and had weekly meetings with our research adviser where we could share details of our findings,” Lobermeier said. “During the meetings we were able to collaborate with the other students and give our opinions on what we think was happening with the different experiments. This collaboration helped me to think critically and devise methods to fix the problems that we were experiencing.”