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Management graduate uses algorithms to help businesses get the most from Facebook


Chad Wittman ’08, a UW-Eau Claire management graduate, is the founder of EdgeRank Checker, the analytics tool used by Facebook.

EdgeRank is an algorithm created by Facebook that ranks activity in the news feed. Wittman founded the checker application to assist businesses in understanding how their Facebook page interacts with the news feed.

Wittman said the EdgeRank Checker tool was made possible through the help of other UW-Eau Claire alumni, Kevin McKinley, Justin Kaufenberg and Brian Racer, who all provided valuable insight into his endeavors over the years.

“This group of alumni helped frame my expectations of what was actually attainable in the tech world, and they were instrumental in providing direction to help us accomplish success with EdgeRank Checker,” he said.

Wittman also is the president of Applum, a Web application design firm in Chicago, as well as the co-founder of PostAcumen, an application that allows businesses to see where they rank compared to others in their industry.

For more information, visit the EdgeRank Checker and PostAcumen websites.