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A head for numbers AND a heart for sports

A lifelong athlete, Tomas Benzo has always centered his world around sports of all kinds. The Argentina native says soccer -a sport he's played his whole life -is in his blood. As a Blugold, he played on the tennis team. Last summer he launched his own coaching business. His dream is to someday be commissioner of the NBA. While he's a self-described sports fanatic, he's also a numbers kind of guy. Through his studies as a management-entrepreneurship major, he has found a way to combine his love of sports and his talent for understanding data. Sports analytics -an emerging field within the professional sports arena -is a career path that Tomas believes will help him achieve his lofty goals. While still a senior, Tomas already is well on his way to making his way into the professional sports world. The Minnesota Twins hired him as sports analytics intern for the baseball team's 2015 season. Since the use of analytics is an emerging field within professional sports, the skills Tomas gained through his studies and his experience as an entrepreneur will be especially valuable since he'll have to be a creative thinker to figure how to fill a niche in the sports world. As professional teams turn to marketing analytics to help guide them in everything from player skill development to in-game decision-making to contract negotiations, they need talented and creative people like Tomas to lead the way. With a head for numbers AND a heart for sports, Tomas Benzo is ready to take the field of sports analytics by storm, and that's pretty powerful.