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UWEC students taught French at Flynn Elementary

Students in French 325 (Pronunciation) shared their love and knowledge of French with children at Flynn Elementary in the Eau Claire Area School District, on Friday December 14. Dr. Jessica Sertling Miller (Professor of French), who teaches FREN 325 on a regular basis, worked with Alison Harder, Flynn’s Partnership Coordinator, to connect with teachers interested in bringing some French into their classrooms. There was great enthusiasm for the project, with 10 teachers expressing interest. Fortunately, this semester’s exceptionally large cohort in FREN 325 (27 students) allowed for the high demand to be met. Students worked in groups of two or three and developed their own lessons on the theme of winter in the French-speaking world, teaching not only language but also culture through games and songs. Topics included food (bûche de Noël, crêpes), folk tales (the legend of Saint-Nicolas in Eastern France), and celebrations (Winter Carnaval in Québec).