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Spinning in Spanish

Have you ever heard ¡Dale!, ¡Vamos!, ¡Sigue! outside of a Pitbull song this semester? If the answer is yes, you have been spinning in Spanish for sure. Since last spring, Sara Echarri Recarte (department of languages) has been volunteering once a week (Thursdays at 7 p.m.) to teach a spinning class in Spanish at the Crest Wellness Center.

The class is conducted entirely in Spanish and the music is entirely Hispanic. According to Sara, the idea came from wanting students to have an opportunity to be exposed to the Spanish language in a more informal environment outside of the classroom. Furthermore, the students don't need to have an extensive knowledge of the language to participate because the expressions used are simple, the vocabulary is limited and everything accompanies a physical action or movement. 

With that said, there are two different types of vocabulary or expressions involved with the class. Simple words, such as body parts, numbers and basic commands, are tied in with more technical vocabulary a typical student does not know, but after a few classes, it is easy to pick up on these and students feel accomplished and more confident. After classes, Sara has even noticed more students talking to her in Spanish to tell her how much they enjoyed the class. 

Since classes started this semester, they have always been at full capacity and students have been calling the Crest Wellness Center as early as 6 a.m. to reserve a bike for the class. Although Sara was excited to test out this new idea, she could not have imagined the turnout and popularity that the class has brought. She says that she will continue to offer the classes as long as it sustains its popularity, but hopes that someday a Spanish major will be able to take over and teach the class. At some point, Sara would also like to see other fitness classes be taught in other languages to make diverse languages more prominent around campus. 

So, if you are hungry for something different and want to experience another language and culture in a unique setting, come to Spinning in Spanish. You will not be disappointed.