International Poetry Reading participants sought

Readers are sought for the 11th annual International Poetry Reading at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, to be held from 7-9 p.m. May 3 in the Dakota Ballroom of UW-Eau Claire’s Davies Center.

Those who can speak and read in a language other than modern standard English are invited to read a poem of their choosing at the event. At last year’s International Poetry Reading, poems were read in 40 languages. 

“We want to include as many different languages as possible, so that we can appreciate the beauty and diversity of the world’s voices,” said Dr. Kelly Biers, UW-Eau Claire visiting assistant professor of French and co-organizer of the International Poetry Reading.  Additional co-organizers are Dr. Kaishan Kong, assistant professor of Chinese, and Katie Vagnino, lecturer of English.

Participants and attendees at the International Poetry Reading will receive a booklet containing all of the poems in their original language and an English translation.

Those interested in reading at the event should do the following: 

  1. Send an e-mail to by March 17 to indicate interest. Include “Poetry Reading” in the subject line followed by the language in which you’d like to read (for example, “Poetry Reading-Arabic”). A specific poem does not have to be chosen at this time;  the email will reserve the sender a spot on the readers list. (If a language is already spoken for or all spots on the readers list are full, the sender will be notified in a reply email.)
  1. Choose a short poem (40 lines maximum, but preferably shorter) written in your language. Send electronic copies of the poem and an English translation in a Microsoft Word file to internationalpoetryreading@gmail.comas soon as possible, but by midnight on March 31 at the latest. Include the poem's author and translator, and give full bibliographic information about the book or website where it is published.

For more information, send email to