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Hosting the 4th Annual Wisconsin French Studies Round Table

On Saturday, October 13th UW-Eau Claire will be hosting the 4th annual Wisconsin French Studies Round Table with support from the UWEC Office of Research of Sponsored Programs, the UWEC Visiting Minority Scholars and Artists Committee, and the UWEC Department of Languages. The round table will include a morning workshop by Dr. Kris Knisely and three afternoon presentations by Dr. Joshua Armstrong, Dr. Lise Hoy, Dr. Virgine Cassidy and Dr. Jessica Miller. The round table will take place in Centennial Hall 1916. To register for the event, email Dr. Jessica Miller (

On Friday, October 12 from 5-6 pm there will be a condensed version of Dr. Knisely's presentation that is free and open to the public in Centennial Hall 1916.

Morning Workshop (10 am-12pm)

Soyons inclusifs.ves: Adapting L2 teaching practices to support non-binary students

Dr. Kris Knisely (University of Arizona) will discuss gender diversity as it relates to inclusive language teaching practices. He will first provide a broad introduction to working with students of diverse gender identities in the language classroom. Then, he will use examples from the linguistic practices of non-binary individuals in France in order to outline how all language classroom discourses and activities can be adapted to be more inclusive. He will focus particularly on how, as pedagogues, we are to address binary grammatical gender with students who have non-binary gender identities. A number of strategies for increasing inclusiveness and supporting diversity in all second language classrooms will be presented and discussed. This workshop will feature hands-on practice with inclusive materials selection and adaptation as well as with inclusive course and curricular design.

Afternoon presentations and discussions (2-4 pm)

Food Studies and Interdisciplinarity in French Language, Culture and Literature Courses

Dr. Lise Hoy (UW-Eau Claire) will provide an overview of how she has incorporated the area of Food Studies in various French courses at the undergraduate level as a means of teaching communicative language skills, culture, and critical thinking while promoting interdisciplinarity. She will also discuss how this has crossed over into her instruction of First-Year Composition courses in English as well as Honors colloquia for students in the Honors Program at UW-Eau Claire.

Maps and Territories: Global Positioning in the Contemporary French Novel

Dr. Joshua Armstrong (UW-Madison) will read from the introduction of his forthcoming monograph, Maps and Territories: Global Positioning in the Contemporary French Novel. The monograph contends that the rapidity of post-war globalization and the structural changes it has brought to both social and spatial aspects of everyday life has meant, in France as elsewhere, the destabilizing of senses of place, identity, and belonging, as once familiar, local environments are increasingly de-localized and made porous to global trends and planetary preoccupations.

Long-distance Relationship: How two UW schools are building complementary programs to strengthen French in Wisconsin

In the last two years, the French programs at UW-La Crosse and UW-Eau Claire respective responded to students’ needs by working together in order to diversify the French elective options in the region, thus making the study of French more accessible and attractive. With the help of the Collaborative Language Program (CLP) Dr. Virginie Cassidy (La Crosse) and Dr. Jessica Miller (Eau Claire) have developed unique complementary upper-division courses such as Social Justice and Science & Technology.

Dr. Kris Knisely