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Dr. Matt Waters is awarded a fellowship in the Institute for Advanced Study

Dr. Matt Waters has been awarded a fellowship for Membership in the Institute for Advanced Study, one of the world’s premier research institutions, for Spring, 2017. The Institute for Advanced Study ( is an independent private institution in Princeton, New Jersey, founded in 1930 to create a community of scholars focused on intellectual inquiry. Roughly two hundred Members are selected each year, almost two-thirds of whom hail from outside the United States, from more than thirty different countries. IAS Faculty and Members have included 33 Nobel Laureates, 41 of the 56 Fields Medalists, and 15 of the 16 Abel Prize Laureates, as well as many MacArthur Fellows and Wolf Prize winners. Past Faculty have included Albert Einstein and other distinguished scientists and scholars such as Kurt Gödel, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Erwin Panofsky, Hetty Goldman, Homer A. Thompson, John von Neumann, George Kennan, Hermann Weyl, and Clifford Geertz.

At the IAS, Dr. Waters will continue his research on the Ancient Near East in the middle first millennium BCE – research which has resulted in the authoring of three books and more than twenty articles. His current work focuses on the formation and ideology of the Achaemenid Persian Empire, its continuity with previous Assyrian and Elamite models, and its impact on the developments of Classical Greek and subsequent institutions.