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A note from the previous Chair

There were many changes that took place last academic year, 2015-16.  A number of them were unplanned and unwanted due to budget cuts.  Others, such as this, were due to the natural cycle in one’s professional life.

After six years as chair of the Department of Languages, I decided to step back from the position and return to being a full-time faculty.  As I’m sure former chair, Dr. Johannes Stroschänk (and anyone else who has served in the position) can concur, it is a challenging and rewarding opportunity.  I firmly believe, however, that I am a better department and university member for the experience.  

I learned a great deal about not just academic affairs, but also student affairs, facilities, maintenance, admissions, advising, etc., and I have a much more complete picture of what it means to be a member (and a student) of UWEC and how much more complex and interesting our university really is.  I enjoyed the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Dr. Matt Waters, Ancient Studies, Greek and Latin, was nominated and, thankfully, agreed to take over the position which he started this past summer.  Matt has been with us since 2000 and we know he will do an outstanding job leading us on into the future.

To our emeriti colleagues, alumni, current students and friends, please continue to stay in touch, or drop us a line if you have never done so, to let us know how you are and where your language studies have taken you.  We will be having a special event to celebrate the 100 years of UWEC next spring semester in March so keep your eyes open for more details to come in a future email.

All the best,

Carter Smith