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Athletic training students earn scholarships

| Ben Shinners

Two athletic training majors have made their hard work pay off. Andrea Patterson and Lydia Stiving both received scholarships for their accomplishments during their time in the athletic training program.

Andrea Patterson, who is from Bloomington, WI, was awarded the Jeff Oliphant Athletic Training Scholarship, NATA Foundation Scholarship, and the George T. & Clayton T. Piercy Scholarship. The senior’s accomplishments have earned scholarships on the national, state and University level. She spoke about her hard work in the department of kinesiology, saying, “Receiving these awards was a great honor because I have worked diligently throughout my life to be successful in my academic endeavors so that I can reach my career and personal goals. My success would not have been possible without my athletic training classmates and professors.”

Lydia Stiving, from Rochester, MN, was also awarded the NATA Foundation Scholarship for her outstanding work as an athletic training student. Lydia is a senior at UW-Eau Claire and also serves on the executive board for the Student Athletic Trainers Association (SATA) as a secretary. She said, “My confidence in my skills as an athletic trainer have increased greatly since receiving this scholarship as it showed me that others believe in my abilities and desire to see me succeed. I also believe that this scholarship will make an impact on my career goals as it will open doors in the future. It means much to be recognized/rewarded for the hard-work and dedication put into this major.”

Both of these athletic training students are a testament that hard-work and focus can take you far. The faculty, staff and community at UW-Eau Claire and within the kinesiology department are proud of both Andrea’s and Lydia’s accomplishments and expect both of them to be excellent health care professionals.