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Oberly Co-Authors New Book on Austro-Hungarian Migration History

| Jim Oberly

Jim Oberly, Professor of History at UWEC, published a new study on the four million migrants from Austria-Hungary who came to the US between 1870-1924.  Oberly co-authored the book with two colleagues from the History Department at the University of Vienna, Annemarie Steidl and Wladimir Fischer.  StudienVerlag of Innsbruck, Austria, published the book in English.

The main findings of the book are that migrants from the old Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary came in two waves, the first of agricultural settlers to places such as Wisconsin, and the second of proletarian workers to urban, industrial centers.  Almost all of the first wave settled and stayed in the US, while as many as half of the second wave returned permanently to the successor states of the Habsburg Monarchy such as the former Yugoslavia, Slovakia, and Romania. 

The research for the book project was underwritten by the Botstiber Foundation of Pennsylvania, part of that foundation's work in promoting understanding of the contributions of Austrian history and culture.