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An international undergrad

| Denise Olson

We want our students to take it to heart when we encourage them early on to take advantage of the many high impact practices offered on and through this campus. One senior, general geology major Chaz McCann, has taken that advice very literally. Through his studies and collaborative faculty-student research, Chaz has traveled and conducted research in multiple countries and states.

In 2014, Chaz was part of Dr J. Brian Mahoney's research group in Mendoza, Argentina, where he and the team collected rock samples and conducted mapping exercises to reconstruct the uplift history of the Andes mountains. Chaz called this "an excellent learning experience, both geologically and culturally."

Prior to beginning a study abroad program in Valparaíso, Chile, Chaz was able to spend time in other parts of Argentina and Chile, as well as Bolivia and Peru.  Chaz studied at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, a coastal location that he found very enjoyable.

"During my time in Chile, I learned a lot about Chilean culture and values and was able to make connections and comparisons between the culture in Chile and the culture here in the U.S.  I would highly recommend any student to go abroad as it teaches us to have a different perspective," McCann stated.

Chaz McCann's extensive international research with Dr.'s J. Brian Mahoney and Geoff Pignotta and his study abroad experience, while perhaps not typical, are a shining example of the kinds of cultural and academic opportunities available to Blugolds with determination to go far, literally.