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UW-Eau Claire junior celebrates nature one internship at a time

| Jesse Yang (story + video)

When an all-expenses-paid internship program in California revealed itself, UW-Eau Claire junior Tressa Lange thought the opportunity was out of reach, given the small number of participants selected into the program.

With determination and strong recommendations from her professors, Lange, an environmental geography and American Indian studies double major, was one of just 20 individuals across the country selected to participate in the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program. The two-year program provides undergraduate students from underrepresented groups with professional training, and research and leadership opportunities in conservation.

In the summer of 2018, Lange participated in the eight-week scholars program at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she learned conservation design and gained research experiences alongside peers and mentors.

As part of the two-year program, Lange will have the opportunity to choose where her internship will be next summer. She hopes to land an opportunity with a nonprofit organization and work with tribes to learn about their conservation efforts and assist them with implementing sustainable practices.

To learn more about Lange's experience in the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program, watch the video above.