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Faulkner, co-authors have article published

Dr. Douglas Faulkner, geography and anthropology, and several co-authors had their article, titled "Autogenic incision and terrace formation resulting from abrupt late-glacial base-level fall, lower Chippewa River, Wisconsin, USA," published in the August issue of the journal Geomorphology. The article, which is based on several years of research, presents what is essentially a history of the evolution of the lower Chippewa River over the past 20,000 years. The article's second author, Phillip Larson, is a UW-Eau Claire alumnus who is now an assistant professor in the department of geography at Minnesota State University, Mankato. As an undergrad at UW-Eau Claire, Larson collaborated with Faulkner on the initial research that ultimately led to the article. The third and fourth authors are Dr. Harry Jol and Dr. Garry Running of the department of geography and anthropology at UW-Eau Claire.