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Winning at Augsburg





The UWEC Forensics team traveled to Minneapolis yesterday, Tuesday February 11 to compete at the Twin Cities Forensics League Tournament #3 hosted by Augsburg University.  The team brought back the 1st place team sweepstakes trophy!  Here is a list of those individuals placing in individual events and contributing to that team win:


After-Dinner Speaking—3rd place—Jacob Nieman (senior)

Dramatic Interpretation—4th place—Sam Proft (first year)

Dramatic Interpretation—3rd place—Mikinley Prafke (first year)

Dramatic Interpretation—2nd place—Ali Metzer (first year)

Impromptu Speaking—7th place—Mikinley Prafke

Impromptu Speaking—6th place—Allison Schwarz (first year)

Impromptu Speaking—4th place—Brock Erdman (first year)

Impromptu Speaking—1st place—Desiree Stafford (senior)

Informative Speaking—2nd place—Desiree Stafford

Persuasive Speaking—3rd place—Allison Schwarz

Persuasive Speaking—1st place—Brock Edrman

Program Oral Interpretation—1st place—Roshan Karki (first year) (quals for NFA)

Prose Interpretation—2nd place—Sam Proft

Duo Interpretation---1st place—Dana Athmann (junior)/Emily Shepardson (senior)

Rhetorical Criticism—2nd place—Emily Shepardson

Rhetorical Criticism—1st place –Jacob Nieman


Team Sweepstakes 1st place—UWEC