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UWEC takes Districts!

We took a smaller squad to Brookings, SD to compete in the Cider Frostbite Tournament on Friday (March 8) and the AFA-NIET District IV Qualifying Tournament on Saturday (March 9).  Both tournaments were hosted by South Dakota State University.  Here is how we did:


Cedar Frostbite Tournament-March 8, 2019

After-Dinner Speaking—2nd –Colin Pitman (senior)

Dramatic Interpretation—5th-Meghan Neu (sophomore)

Dramatic Interpretation—1st –Elder Romero (first year)

Prose Interpretation—1st—Elder Romero (quals for AFA)

Informative Speaking-4th- Meghan Neu

Informative Speaking—2nd-Dana Athmann (sophomore) (quals for NFA)

Extemporaneous Speaking—4th-Caleb Webb (senior)

Impromptu Speaking—3rd-Caleb Webb

Persuasion-1st- Maddy Hinze (senior)(quals for AFA)

Communication Analysis—3rd—Maddy Hinze (quals for NFA)


District IV AFA-NIET Qualifying Tournament—March 9, 2019


After-Dinner Speaking—1st –Colin Pitman (quals for AFA)

Dramatic Interpretation—1st –Elder Romero (quals for AFA)

Informative Speaking-3rd - Meghan Neu (quals for AFA)

Informative Speaking-1st -Dana Athmann (quals for AFA)

Extemporaneous Speaking—3rd -Caleb Webb (quals for AFA)

Impromptu Speaking—2nd -Caleb Webb (quals for AFA)

Persuasion-2nd-Meghan Neu (quals for AFA)

Communication Analysis—2nd—Maddy Hinze (quals for AFA)

Communication Analysis—1st- Meghan Neu (quals for AFA)