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St. Cloud


On Feb 3-4, 2017, we split the UWEC forensics team.  We kept the Varsity at home and hosted our High School Forensics Tournament and sent the novice competitors to St. Cloud Minnesota State  on Friday Feb 3rd  and Saturday, Feb 4th to compete in the Icebox Classic.  These first year students brought back the 3rd place sweepstakes trophy.  Here are specific results:


Dramatic Interp—5th place – Jacob Nieman 

Dramatic Interp—4th place—Lauren Brooks 

Dramatic Interp—2nd place (top novice) – Austen Fairbanks, (

Extemporaneous Speaking—5th place--Clayton Cavanaugh 

Informative Speaking—6th place—Kayleigh Pook 

Informative Speaking—3rd place—Clara Neupert 

Persusaion—2nd place (top novice)—Emily Shepardson 

Prose Interp—5th place—Lauren Brooks 

Prose Interp—4th place—Emily Shepardson

Prose Interp—3rd place—Austen Fairbanks



Team Sweepstakes—3rd place