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UWEC Forensics takes 11th in the Nation at the NFA

UWEC Forensics hosts and places 11th in the nation  at the National Forensics Association National Championship Tournament on April 13-17, 2017.  We hosted 78 schools on our campus this past weekend, bringing about 825 students/coaches to UWEC and bringing back about 90 UWEC Forensics Alumni.  The best part of being at home for this tournament is that we didn’t have to bring the 11th place team sweepstakes trophy very far (from Zorn to Hibbard) to put it in the trophy case to be added to the long line of NFA team trophies.  In addition to taking 11th in the Nation, we also had a small enough entry that we competed in the President’s 1 Sweepstakes category (entries from 20-42 entries) and took 4th place of the schools entered in this category. 


Although all of the team who competed at NFA contributed points to the 11th place trophy, here are the students who made it to out rounds and should be congratulated:


Informative Speaking—Octafinalist—Sophomore Maddy Hinze

Persuasive Speaking—Octafinalist—Junior Tennisha Sonsalla

Poetry Interpretation—Octafinalist—Junior Tennisha Sonsalla

After-Dinner Speaking—Octafinalist—Junior Tennisha Sonsalla


Duo-Interpretation—Semi-finalist (top 12 in the nation)—Freshman Lauren Brook and Junior Sydney Tupy

Dramatic Interpretation—Semi-finalists (top 12 in the nation)—Junior Sydney Tupy