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What a wonderful weekend for UWEC Forensics.  The current team hosted the Grace Walsh Individual Events Tournament on Saturday, February 9 with fifteen college/universities attending.  On Sunday, the Association of Blugold Forensics Alumni (ABFA) hosted the first ever We LOVE 4n6  UWEC Alumni Tournament.  Over 20 alumni  (class of 1980  to class of 2018) returned to campus to volunteer their time to prepare and run this inaugural tournament.  What an amazing time the alumni had reconnecting with UWEC and each other.

 Since the Alumni hosted on Sunday, UWEC was able to compete on Sunday and the results were just as impressive as the tournament itself. 

Results from that tournament:

Persuasion-1st place—Maddy Hinze (senior) (quals for NFA)

After-Dinner Speaking-6th-Jacob Nieman (junior)

After-Dinner Speaking—2nd—Dana Athmann (sophomore)

Duo Interpretation-2nd—Maddy Hinze  and Emily Shepardson (junior) (quals for AFA)

Dramatic Interpretation—6th—Caleb Webb (senior)

Dramatic Interpretation—2nd—Maddy Hinze

Prose Interpretation—2nd –Maddy Hinze (quals for AFA)

Informative Speaking—4th-Colin Pitman (senior) (quals for AFA)


Normally the qualifiers for the Interstate Oratory Contest are determined at the State Tournament.  The top two students in this event qualify to represent the state of Wisconsin at the Interstate Oratory Contest in April.  Since 2018 was the final year of the Wisconsin State Tournament, the special category of Wisconsin Oratory was established at the Wisconsin Lovefest.  Each Wisconsin School attending this weekend could enter up to five students in the Oratory.  The top two students in Oratory will travel to Philadelphia, PA for the 2019 IOC tournament.

Results for Wisconsin Oratory:

7th place—Jacob Nieman

6th place—Dana Athmann

3rd place—Emily Shepardson

2nd place—Maddy Hinze*

1st place—Colin Pitman*