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TCFL Champions


Twin Cities Forensics League Tournament #1 Results

Informative - 2nd place -Junior Rebecca Reif 2nd (NFA Qual),
Informative- 1st place - Senior Jacob Nieman

After-Dinner Speaking - 1st place -Junior Meghan Neu
Persuasion - 3rd place- Junior Elder Romero
Persuasion - 2nd place -Jacob Nieman

Prose - 4th place - Rebecca Reif

Prose - 1st place- First Year Roshan Karki

Dramatic Interpretation - 5th place- First Year Madison Stauffer
Dramatic Interpretation - 4th place- First Year-Alison Metzen
Dramatic Interpretation - 3rd place- Roshan Karki
Dramatic Interpretation- 2nd place - Meghan Neu (NFA Qual)

Communication Analysis- 1st place -First year - Alex Coleman

Team Sweepstakes - 1st- UWEC