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Tuesday-December 3, 2019—Twin Cities Forensics League #2

Informative Speaking—Alex Coleman (junior) 

After-Dinner Speaking—5th place—Meghan Neu (junior)

Communication Analysis—2nd place—Alex Coleman

Persuasion—6th place—Desiree Stafford (Senior) 

Persuasion—4th place—Brock Erdman (First Year) 

Persuasion—2nd place-Jacob Nieman (Senior)

Prose Interpretation—3rd place—Roshan Karki (1st year)

Prose Interpretation—2nd place—Rebecca Reif (junior)

Dramatic Interpretation—5th place—Meghan Neu

Dramatic Interpretation—2nd place—Roshan Karki 

Impromptu Speaking –4th place—Desiree Stafford (senior)

Poetry Interpretation—4th place—Jason Trzebiatowski 

Team Sweepstakes:  3rd Place--UWEC