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After 32 years of chasing and grabbing the Wisconsin State Championship Trophy, the very young UWEC Forensics Team traveled home this past weekend from the Wisconsin State Tournament hosted by UW-Osh Kosh with four individual events championships, one IOC qualification and the 2nd place Team trophy. With only 14 points separating first and second place in team sweepstakes, it was as hard fought victory for the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater forensics team. UW-Whitewater- Director of Forensics, Jim Disrude attributed the win to the standard set by the Blugold program. Disrude wrote to Karen Morris after she sent a message congratulating him, “We couldn’t have done what we did today without you, KJ and the entire program. You show us and the entire community how to do things the right way.”

The UWEC Forensics team worked incredibly hard these past few weeks to get ready for state while hosting the high school tournament and then the college tournament. Kelly Jo and I are very proud of the small varsity squad as they led this very large and young novice class. The following individual trophies reflect this hard work:

After-Dinner Speaking—6th—Mitchell Krisnik (sophomore)
After-Dinner Speaking—4th—Taylor Turben (senior)
After-Dinner Speaking—3rd—Colin Pittman (sophomore)
After-Dinner Speaking—1st—Tennisha Sonsalla (junior)
Communication Analysis—5th—Maddy Hinze (sophomore)
Communication Analysis—3rd—Taylor Turben 
Dramatic Interpretation—6th—Lauren Brooks (freshman)
Dramatic Interpretation—3rd –Sydney Tupy (junior)
Dramatic Interpretation—2nd—Maddy Hinze
Dramatic Interpretation—1st –Austen Fairbanks (freshman)
Duo Interpretation –4th—Austen Fairbanks/Mitchell Krisnik
Duo Interpretation---1st—Sydney Tupy and Lauren Brooks
Extemporaneous Speaking—6th—Clayton Cavanaugh (freshman)
Extemporaneous Speaking—4th—Colin Pittman
Extemporaneous Speaking—2nd—Mitchell Krisnik
Impromptu Speaking—6th—Clayton Cavanaugh
Impromptu Speaking—3rd—Sydney Tupy
Informative Speaking—7th—Clara Neupert (freshman)
Informative Speaking—5th—Colin Pittman
Informative Speaking—4th—Taylor Turben

Informative Speaking—3rd—Tennisha Sonsalla
Informative Speaking—2nd—Maddy Hinze
Poetry---3rd—Tennisha Sonsalla
Poetry—2nd—Sydney Tupy
Program Oral Interpretation—3rd—Sydney Tupy
Program Oral Interpretation—1st—Tennisha Sonsalla
Prose Interpretation—7th—Emily Shepardson (freshman)
Prose Interpretation—5th—Austen Fairbanks 
Prose Interpretation—4th—Sydney Tupy
Prose Interpretation—3rd—Tennisha Sonsalla
Oratory—7th—Emily Shepardson
Oratory—4th—Maddy Hinze
Oratory—2nd—Tennisha Sonsalla (quals for the Interstate Oratory Contest in Louisiana!
*1st place was Kevin Hill from Whitewater


Individual Sweeps: 3rd—Sydney Tupy
Individual Sweeps: 2nd—Tennisha Sonsalla

Team Sweepstakes: UWEC